Cobalt Blue Glass Collecting for 30 years


This blue color made me feel rich and if more would come my way, I would snatch it all up for my own satisfaction. Years later in 2009, while searching the web again, I found I simply called them on the telephone and asked if they have ever had a cobalt blue exhibit and they told me “no, but would be interested in coming to Columbus to take a look.” They came and I had a great room full, all unpacked and sorted. The museum was impressed by how much I had and suggested moving the exhibit date to more in the future so I would be the main display using almost all of their show cases. I had to give two cases to Fostoria Glass. They wanted to run my exhibit for 3 months in the summer of 2009, so we did. I took the picture above and the three below from the exhibit.




I was the curator for my display and was written up in the Columbus Dispatch newspaper and got the front page of Antique Week as well (see below).



Today, my collection consists of dinnerware in lighter blue to religious icons on blue mirrors to more vases, inks, manufacturing bottles to lenses to runway lights. One of my favorite pieces is a Heisey cobalt blue ring (see picture below). A jewelry dealer bought this ring from a lady who went to the estate auction of Clarence Heisey. This ring was made for him and given to Clarence on his birthday. Then Tom the jewelry man sold it to my partner after he held onto the ring for 20-plus years. I got this ring for Christmas. My fingers were too big for the ring but the thought behind it, is priceless. I still find it hard to join a glass collector club because I have collected all blue and not from a particular manufacturer.


Regarding the Blue Aprill Gallery on Peachridge Glass (Read: The Charles & Jane Aprill Blue Gallery), I am so impressed for you (Charles and Jane) to have been in the World’s Fair! I loved your pictures and have found other cobalt blue collectors. I knew they were out there but I just never came across other collectors. As time permits, I am trying to get my web site up.

One last comment. I am so puzzled that cobalt blue is called so many other names such as ‘bristol blue’.

I am now thinking that all you glass collectors live in Texas. Have you met I spoke to him once and he is also in Texas with a museum next door to his house. My dream would be to have a museum but may have to get farther from the 45 minute drive which is where the Ohio Glass Museum is located in Lancaster, Ohio, home of Anchor Hocking. I hope this tells you something about me, ChuckBrown AKA ‘CobaltMan’.

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  1. I am so glad I found this,I have collected cobalt blue for about 15 yrs.i love it and look for more everywhere I go but as I am getting older I have thought about selling it all because I can’t keep up with it but as of now I have still got it ,it’s hard to part with.

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